BBC Database Center

At BBC, we value your data and your customers’ data. That’s why we have developed a new way of working with databases.

Do you need to send out an email or direct mailing to a list of contacts? Upload your database right here and we’ll process it as soon as possible. 10 days after submission, all data will be destroyed automatically.

You’re welcome, GDPR.

How to prepare your database

  • Make sure your database has a clearly defined header row
  • Only include the necessary data fields
  • Label one column as ‘email’
  • Name one column ‘language’ (if applicable)

If you wish to upload more than one file, please create a zip file.
Please note that any data uploaded will be processed and automatically removed from our secured server 10 days after submission.

Allowed files: .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .zip
Maximum file size: 5MB

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